Club Sega (1997 CD)

“What’s that title? Ya ain’t know “CLUB SEGA”. Cool!”

The text on the disc is almost as bizarre as some of the tracks on this album. Produced by the legendary Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Sega Rally, Rez, Sega Touring Car, Space Channel 5, and a few non-Sega games that are still pretty awesome), this CD is a series of club remixes of Sega tracks by various DJs.

The general style of the album is mid-90s Eurodance, so grab your most ridiculous decade-old clubbing clothes and throw your hands up while I break down the, uh, breakdowns.

I included some of the most memorable tracks for your listening pleasure.

Track 1: Sega Rally Championship – “Ghost on the Road Mix” – Ebizoo: The album opens with this Sega Rally remix. It’s a pretty simple beat with no major surprises, but pleasant nevertheless.

Track 2: Virtua Fighter – “Z-tra Club Mix” – Tomo: Here’s where things start to get weird. The track is pretty traditional and fun, but there are also grunts and sound effects from the game mixed in. This is the point in the CD where it is officially embarrassing to listen to in front of girls.

Track 3: Top Skater – “Tall Paul Mix” – Tall Paul Newman:  First off, how great is this DJ’s name? So great. Second, this track is pretty much the soundtrack to hell. There are creepy slowed-down voices and frightening chanting. Welcome to the Gameworks of your nightmares.

Track 4: Daytona USA – “Nao’s Daytona Distraction” – Nao Nakamura: Daytona USA has one of the most wonderful soundtracks in gaming, pure and simple. However, for this track, Nao chose to go a more original route, rather than rely on classic samples.

Track 5: Last Bronx – “Yoji Biomehanika’s NRG Floor Mix” – Yoji Biomehanika: Another completely bizarre but awesome use of odd sound effects and voices in this track based on the woefully under-appreciated Saturn fighter Last Bronx.

Track 6: Virtual On – “Cyber Nu-ron Mix” – Yoshiyuki Kubo: Probably my favorite track on the album, it makes good use of using samples from the game, has a great build, and gets pretty intense (well, compared to the other tracks on the disc).

Track 7: NiGHTS – “8:00 AM at Maniac Love Mix” – Yo-C: Definitely the best track title on the disc and a pretty fun listen with a lot of different parts and variations.

Track 8: Sonic 3 – “Tobynation remix” – Tobynation: Totally the best use of in-game sound effects to compliment the music yet; pretty much everything you want from a Sonic remix!

Track 9: The House of the Dead – “DJ Shinkawa’s O-D-E-M-S” – DJ Shinkawa: A constant, pulsating beat; the House of the Dead connection is not overtly apparent.

Track 10: After Burner – “ZZ-A! Mix” – Ebizoo: Excellent use of the After Burner theme at the right times gets me pretty pumped on this track!

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5 Responses to Club Sega (1997 CD)

  1. I MUST have this CD. But I can’t find it on ebay ; – ; Where can I get this? I want to hear that Daytona USA track.

  2. They also have the follow up album Club Sega 2 which appears to have a “We are burning rangers” remix!

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