If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 of the SEGAROCKS feature, check them out here and here.

This is a live album released on December 15, 2004, from a show that SEGAROCKS played in Tokyo. The album was released by Sega’s Wave Master label and included a live DVD of the performance. The show is is well-recorded and sounds great. What was most surprising about the performance to me (besides the previously unreleased post-encore track) was the sheer amount of females present at the show; you can hear their shrieks and cheers throughout the performance, which is both unexpected and awesome!

Track 1: Sega Rally 2 – Go! Go! Sega Rally

Very energetic, a great start to the set.

Track 2: Burning Rangers – Burning Hearts ~ Burning Angel

Another great vocal track, the false end after the solo is crazy!

Track 3: Phantasy Star III – Main Theme

Pretty close to the album version (luckily, this includes the epic scream at the beginning of the track).

Track 4: Clockwork Knight – A Lullaby

I can’t believe they played this live, but I’m glad they did.

Track 5: Phantasy Star IV – The End of the Millennium

Again, similar to the album version, but still good.

Track 6: Sonic Boom – Name Register

Somehow with the original, SEGAROCKS turned a short name registration jingle into a 4 minute shred-fest. With the live album, they managed to turn it into a 7 minute shred-fest. Impressive indeed!

Track 7: Aa Harimanada – First Harima Exercises

Just as weird live as it is on the record. Maybe weirder.

Track 8: Sega Saturn System Theme – Sega Saturn, Shiro!

Awesome performance; even more intense than the album version. The female vocals during the chorus really make it!

Track 9: Victory Goal ’96 – The Sky Leads Off to the Future

It’s awesome, but the last song…

Track 10: Daytona USA – Let’s Go Away

…before the amazing and surprising encore track!

Track 11: Segagaga – Segagaga March

They ended with the best track they could possibly end with and it rules. But still, somewhat bittersweet knowing that this is their last recording :-/


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