Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD translation and fanbook

In 2007, Diana Montoya was gracious enough to translate the Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD. The story takes place three years before Phantasy Star IV and chronicles the adventure of Rudy (Chaz in the English PSIV) and (a) Nei. It’s 68 minutes of total fanservice and absolutely wonderful.

The drama sports some pretty great Japanese voice actors too, such as Mitsuishi Kotono (Misato in Evangelion), Nagai Ichirou (Happousai in Ranma 1/2),  Show Hayami (Wolfwood in Trigun), and Iwao Junko (Pai in the Virtua Fighter games).

Also on the site is a .pdf of the incredible fanbook that came with the CD. This book + the mp3 of the radio drama + the translation = hours of Phantasy Star fun!

Check it out here.

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