New GameSpite Journal is ALL SEGA’s editor-in-chief/Retronauts founder Jeremy Parish is a busy dude. In addition to revamping 1up into a home for some of the best features in modern game journalism, he also runs (formerly Toasty Frog, GameSpite), which offers even more critical analysis and personal narratives about games (and some other stuff too).

Parish and other Telebunny writers also publish print copies of their musings, the latest of which is all about Sega! GameSpite Journal 12 covers the history of Sega from Arcade to 32X and seems to focus primarily on the games, with essays on everything from Golvellius to M.U.S.H.A.

Judging by the quality of the GameSpiters’ past work, this should be a fine addition to the bookshelf of any Sega fan. Find out more about GameSpite Journal 12 (including samples and how-to-buy) here.

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