Informative/Weird Hidden Message in Sega Smash Pack Volume 1

The worst present I ever gave someone was this collection. In my defense, I didn’t know about the now-infamous terrible sound, and got it for my Dreamcast brother-in-arms Chris when it was released as a belated birthday gift. He was (is) a lifelong Sega fan and I basically gave him a disc that was a blatant insult to his childhood. Somehow, we’re still friends.

Anyway, over at the excellent hidden-content-in-games resource The Cutting Room Floor, there’s an interesting little blurb about a .txt file on the disc:

I like the message at the end about paying respects to “Uncle Sonic,” so I don’t want to blame this Gary fellow for the nasty sound in this Smash Pack, but it’s probably best that this was the only volume of Sega classics this team released on the Dreamcast.

Read more about the hidden text here.

P.S. Chris, I’m sorry.

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