What Are Your Fondest Dreamcast Memories?

John and I are planning to record an episode of the Sega Fun Club podcast devoted to the Dreamcast to coincide with the anniversary of the system’s North American launch on September 9th.

We’re going to be sharing our love and memories of the system, but would like to know yours as well!

Email us (mainichibs@gmail.com) or post in the comments section below. If we get enough responses to make doing the section worthwhile, we’ll read some of them on the show (if not, that time will be spent by John talking about Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles, so please, PLEASE share your memories)!

Feel free to share anything you love about the Dreamcast. It could be a game you played a lot (or better yet, still play a lot), a story about trying the system for the first time, a random pleasant memory related to the Dreamcast, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything long or profound, just a fond thought or two about the system.

We’ll probably record the episode towards the middle end of the week, so try to get your responses to us by Tuesday, the 4th Thursday, the 6th. We’re really hoping to hear from some of you!

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8 Responses to What Are Your Fondest Dreamcast Memories?

  1. John says:

    I’m talking Jedi Power Battles either way!

  2. DRscottnik says:

    I’ve never had a Dreamcast! :'(
    I know, I have a sad life!

  3. Brian says:

    This might be long winded so bare with me.
    I got my Dreamcast on Christmas of 2000. I had asked for a lot of ridiculous things that year, but I mostly just wanted the black Sega Sports edition Dreamcast. I have always had a soft spot for black consoles. Now, sadly, I didn’t get the black model. I did, however, get my Dreamcast. My dad assured me he tried very hard to find me the Sega Sports edition, but couldn’t do it. He even bought me NFL2K and NBA2k which came with that edition. I didn’t particularly want those games as much as the black console, but I still played the hell out of them and enjoyed them very much. In addition to those, he bought me KISS: Psycho Circus and Shenmue. He may have bought me Jet Grind Radio, but I’m not sure if that was a christmas present or something I bought very shortly after. Shenmue was the real gem though. The amount of time I spent in that game doing absolutely nothing was incredible. Walking around, collecting all of the things from the gumball machines, and if I remember correctly there was a Sega Saturn you could pull out and play a game on. I was nearly late for work many times because of Shenmue. Illbleed also means a lot to me. I played that game with my best friend at the time. He would play the regular parts of the stages, but could never fight bosses so I would take care of that. I suppose that I just relate the Dreamcast to one of the happiest times of life. I was just out of high school and just didn’t care about anything. Everything was fun.

    I am sad to report that I no longer have that specific Dreamcast anymore. I made some bad decisions at some point and sold it off with a solid collection of games. I am happy to say that I currently have a Dreamcast again and am building that collection back up.

  4. Iwao Hazuki says:

    A buddy of mine once humped a Dreamcast controller. True story!

  5. Iwao Hazuki says:

    My favorite memory of the Dreamcast is also my first. The day the
    DC launched was also a day that someone called a bomb threat to our
    high school. The school took it seriously and evacuated the school
    down to a local bus depot while the school was scoured. I got fed up
    with being penned up and shamelessly faked a diabetic incident so my
    friend and I could get out and, “go get some food” at his house up the
    street. So, basically, we took the rest of our afternoon off and
    later met up with another friend who had pre-ordered a DC and Soul
    Calibur. We were pretty much blown away; that game especially had
    such beautiful resolution graphics and the soundtrack was simply
    amazing. Later on, I found that the buddy who had bought the Dreamcast
    had been cornered by his girlfriend at the time and she, in all seriousness, had accused
    him of calling in the bomb threat so he could get his Dreamcast
    earlier. I’m sure the thought never even crossed his mind but part of me still
    likes to think he did.

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