Kiss Me Sweet: The Sakura Wars Localization Project

Sakura Taisen 3 PC cover

Despite being one of Sega’s most successful franchises in Japan, the musical-troupe-managing/dating sim/SRPG series Sakura Taisen has had a minimal presence in the West. While there have been a few Sakura Wars (the localized title) anime and manga adaptations released, only one game in the series has been published here in North America.

And that’s where Kiss Me Sweet comes in. The goal of this group is “to get Sakura Wars 1-4 localized in North America for the PC and distributed via digital distribution.” To do so, they are currently drumming up fan support on both their tumblr and Facebook page, hoping to catch the attention of publishers like NIS, who published the first game, Atlus, who publish the not-unlike-Sakura-Taisen Persona series, and Xseed, who have been finding success localizing Japanese games and publishing them on Steam.

If you would like to see the beloved early titles in this classic Sega series released in English, head over to Kiss Me Sweet’s Facebook page and support the troupes!

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