Sega Fun Club Podcast Episode 3 – Dreamcast Memories

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The Sega Dreamcast is pretty much the most important video game system ever to me. In this episode of Sega Fun Club I explain why, sharing some of my fondest Dreamcast memories. John (the other half of Sega Fun Club) shares his memories as well, and we read and discuss some memories that were submitted to us by friends / readers / listeners, which is awesome!

Topics this episode include: finding cockroaches in cupboards in Shenmue, bomb threats, changing your age to 99 in Dead or Alive 2, FREAKING OUT playing Resident Evil Code Veronica, and way more!

Due to the nature of memory, there are a few slip-ups/factual inaccuracies this episode that I was aware of, but left in regardless. <Existential diatribe about what is real.>

Anyway, stream the episode here (or download on iTunes) and let us know what you think and/or share some of your Dreamcast memories in the comments below, if you want!

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