Happy Dreamcast Day! 99 Ways to Celebrate

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s North American debut on 9/9/99 and it’s a great time to celebrate this incredible and innovative system!

99 ways to celebrate the Dreamcast today (in no particular order):

1. Wish the Dreamcast a happy birthday on Twitter!

2. Read the Shenmue cover story on 1up.com!

3. Watch a video of a Sega Dream Cat!

4. Dress up like Beat from Jet Set Radio and go to your local skatepark on rollerblades!

5. Listen to the Phantasy Star Online soundtrack!

6. Pray that the Segagaga translation is completed one day!

7. Talk to your children about the Dreamcast!

8. Read Shenmue Stare!

9. Watch the Sega Heritage Collection trailer and get pumped for the HD releases of Jet Set Radio and Sonic Adventure 2!

10. Check out a list of Sega Addicts top Dreamcast launch titles and remember how awesome the Dreamcast launch line-up was!

11. Bake a Dreamcast cake!

12. Buy Soul Calibur for XBLA!

13. Remember the time you didn’t buy Nightmare Creatures II for Dreamcast!

14. Watch a Japanese Seaman commercial!

15. Check out some special edition Dreamcast systems!

16. Puke with pleasure as you watch this ILLBLEED commercial!

17. Listen to Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2!

18. Buy some expensive Samba de Amigo maracas!

19. Watch a crazy Japanese Chu Chu Rocket commercial!

20. Listen to SEGAROCKS’ cover of the Segagaga theme and get SO PUMPED!

21. Browse photos of Ulala cosplay in a non-creepy way!

22. Watch a Shenmue commercial!

23. Listen to the I Have a Dreamcast E.P.!

24. Mess with the Ryo Hazuki soundboard!

25. Read How to be Good by Nick Hornby!

26. Buy the Gunlord limited edition for Dreamcast!

27. Watch the opening to the Dreamcast version of King of Fighters ’98!

28. Read old UK Resistance posts!

29. Reflect upon Nagare Namikawa’s synchronized swimming Team-Up Special in Project Justice!

30. Buy the Powerstone Collection for PSP!

31. Watch Segata Sanshiro sacrifice himself so the Dreamcast could live!

32. Play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on PSN/XBLA!

33. Buy some old issues of the Official Dreamcast Magazine on eBay!

34. Remember the time when you played Sega Bass Fishing for like 7 hours straight and realized in horror that you loved a fishing game!

35. Buy Chu Chu Rocket for iOS!

36. Roll down the windows in your car and drive around blasting the Ferrari F355 Challenge soundtrack!

37. Go make some CA-RAZY money!

38. Listen to the Dreamcast episode of Retronauts (featuring Jerry Holkins of Penny-Arcade)!

39. Read about D2 on Hardcore Gaming 101!

40. Buy Virtua On OT on XBLA!

41. Try to find a cheap copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends!

42. Draw the Dreamcast swirl logo on something!

43. Watch this Dreamcast promo video!

44. Create your own Dreamcast cocktail!

45. Read an interview with Corey Marshall, voice of Ryo Hazuki!

46. Wear a 2000 Arsenal Jersey!

47. Learn Japanese and purchase a Japanese Dreamcast and a dozen Japan-only Dreamcast dating simulations and visual novels!

48. Add The Dreamcast Junkyard to your RSS feed!

49. Replace the battery in your VMU!

50. Teach yourself Ulala’s dances from Space Channel 5!

51. Read a detailed article about the Dreamcast’s tech!

52. Write an essay about why you do not feel like the Dreamcast was a failure!

53. Watch this silly Sonic Adventure commercial!

54. Read a 70-step Gamespot guide for The Ring: Terror’s Realm!

55. Watch the Dreamcast boot up animation!

56. Wish that you had one of those awesome Dreamcast records!

57. Sing 99 Red Balloons at karaoke, but change all the lyrics so it’s about the Dreamcast!

58. Watch the Segagaga intro movie!

59. Look for sailors!

60. Watch this Japanese-but-not Jet “Grind” Radio commercial!

61. Buy Ikaruga on XBLA!

62. Build a Dreamcast shrine in your living room!

63. Buy a VGA box to hook your Dreamcast up to a VGA monitor/TV with VGA input!

64. Learn about Bleemcast!

65. Check out Sega’s original Shenmue website!

66. Set your age to 99 in the options menu!

67. Watch the insane and wonderful commercials for the Dreamcast in Japan!

68. Buy Typing of the Dead and a Dreamcast Keyboard!

69. Buy a new Dreamcast game from redspotgames!

70. Watch Kieth Apicary’s Dreamcast 2 video!

71. Get a Dreamcast tattoo!

72. Play Shenmue II on Xbox!

73. Get some Soap Shoes and run through the city and grind on stuff singing Escape From the City!

74. Gaze longingly at this Dreamcast wristwatch!

75. Read a Gamefan cover story/Review of Cannon Spike!

76. Order some Dreamcast earrings!

77. Listen to Bad Religion!

78. Replace your dad’s fishing rod with a Dreamcast fishing controller!

79. Read IGN’s 9.7 review of the original Shenmue!

80. Buy a Dreamcast PC!

81. Play a game from the Dreamcast Collection!

82. Check your VMU to make sure your Chao is doing well!

83. Invest in extension cables for your Dreamcast controllers!

84. Read 1up.com’s Dreamcast Memorial!

85. Check out this amazing custom Skies of Arcadia Dreamcast!

86. Remember, remember, the 9th of September!

87. Watch the Soul Calibur intro movie!

88. Try to get the song from that Knuckles stage in Sonic Adventure 2 out of your head!

89. Watch the Space Channel 5 stage show from E3 2000!

90. Read about the best VMU games!

91. Purchase a Neo Geo Pocket and a Dreamcast link cable!

92. Read Mecha Damashii’s review of Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes!

93. Check out Shenmue Dojo’s comparison of the Dreamcast and Xbox versions of Shenmue II!

94. Play Phantasy Star Online via SCHTHACK!

95. Listen to our recently-recorded Dreamcast Memories podcast!

96. Play the Wii version of House of the Dead 2!

97. Go to Gameworks and play the arcade version of House of the Dead 2!

98. Find fun and affordable Dreamcast games using Racketboy’s guide!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Dreamcast Day!

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7 Responses to Happy Dreamcast Day! 99 Ways to Celebrate

  1. Iwao Hazuki says:

    This is my favorite thing.

  2. DrScottnik says:

    100. Watch a 24 hour Dreamcast marathon!

  3. DrScottnik says:

    Oh, I would also like to thank you for putting my site, SegaHarrier, Under the Delightful Sega Sites list! :-)

  4. Haha, nice, man. 99 distinct reasons, that’s pretty wild!

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