Sega Digital Review – Virtua Fighter 2


Released November 27, 2012 / $4.99

Version Reviewed: PSN

Original Release: Arcade / November 1994

While the Virtua Fighter series is my favorite fighting game franchise of all time, I didn’t really “get” the series until my friend Chris and I put a few hundred hours into VF4 on the PS2. So despite owning and enjoying VF2 on the Saturn, I never really explored the depths of its combat (or even know those depths existed) at the time. Thanks to Sega’s continued awesome digital releases, I’m getting a chance to repent and revisit Virtua Fighter 2, in pretty excellent fashion

vf_ss_03The version of VF2 available on PSN and XBLA is essentially a port of the arcade release(s) (in the options you can choose between version 2.0 or 2.1) so that means 60 frames per second and the best-looking version of the game (which looks even better thanks to the ultra-clean HD makeover). Fights load nearly instantly, which is very welcome when you are retrying an opponent multiple times. And if this is your first time playing VF2, you WILL find yourself retrying battles against the computer.

vf_ss_02While the Virtua Fighter series has never really been receptive to button mashing, VF2 requires an even more calculated approach by the player. One poorly chosen attack could lead to an opponent countering with a throw, hitting you with a ground attack, and ending the match right there. If you are a seasoned VF2 vet and scoff at the threat of the AI, there is also online play, trophies, and online leaderboards, in addition to a local versus mode.

Speaking of local versus mode, I feel like my VF2 skills are a bit lacking. Hey Chris, you have a couple hundred hours to spare?

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1 Response to Sega Digital Review – Virtua Fighter 2

  1. Virtua Fighter 2 remains one of my favorite fighting games of all time. Even the saturn port was incredible, with graphics that were far ahead of it’s time.
    I hope they deside to release this (and Daytona USA HD) on windows at some point, preferably on the steam platform.

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