The Hazuki Diaries Part Two – I’ll Find Lan Di, Just Hang-On

“The Hazuki Diaries” is a project in which I chronicle my replay of the original Shenmue on the Dreamcast. Check out part one here.

I left my home in search of anyone who knew anything about the people involved with the incident at the Hauzki Dojo on “that day.” I followed the timeless RPG adage of “talk to everyone” and gathered some clues about the “men in suits” who “drove a black car” and set off towards Sakuragaoka with vengeance on the brain. My mind was racing with thoughts of the sweet roundhouse kicks I would use on those suited suckers when…



I entered the shrine to find a little girl hovering over a cardboard box. The girl’s name was Megumi, and she was caring for the sick kitten inside the box, whose mother was run over by the black car. Another orphan from that day…



Ryo (and I) took an immediate liking to the kitten, petting and feeding her.


After leaving the kitten (for now), I headed off in search of more clues…

…And I found capsule toy machines.


No clues here.


None here either.


What time is it?


I can’t read it, better turn on the cool light.


What was I supposed to be looking for again?


Oh, hi Nozomi.


Hi Tom.


I need coffee.


After finishing my coffee, I headed into Dobuita, determined not to get side-tracked again. It was going pretty well until I found the arcade “Game You.”


I checked out the decor…



…And decided to play some Hang-On.


“Just one game” turned into two, then three (that soundtrack!)…


My day was, unintentionally, very this Penny Arcade comic.

I headed home after my curfew, barely any closer to avenging my father’s death than I was at the start of the day. Ine-san was going to be pissed.

Next Entry: Blades! Barbers! And of course, MORE KITTY! Check out part three of “The Hazuki Diaries” here!

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