The Hazuki Diaries Part Three – Kickin’ Ass and Feedin’ Cats

“The Hazuki Diaries” is a project in which I chronicle my replay of the original Shenmue on the Dreamcast. Check out part one here and part two here.

If the previous day was one of sloth and distraction (paralleling my own real-life Sundays), I made up for it today.

Upon learning that the men in suits and Lan Di were Chinese, I sought out other Chinese people in Dobuita for clues. Kinda weird to assume that every person of Chinese descent knew all the other Chinese folks, but everyone seemed to be cool with it.

I was pointed in the direction of a 2nd generation Chinese barber…


…Who suggested I speak with his father. I found the elderly man in the park, and he informed me that I


Before I started looking for sailors there was something important that I needed to do. I headed over to the Tomato コンビニ to browse their wares.

I found some Sega-branded batteries featuring Hidekazu Yukawa


Some potato chips featuring Shenhua…


But what I was really looking for was a treat for the kitty at the shrine. I went with dried fish, because that seemed like something a kitty would enjoy.


I returned to shrine, where Megumi and I decided to name the kitty “Chibi.” I gave Chibi some of the dried fish, which she quickly devoured :-)


I resumed my hunt for sailors in Dobuita’s bar district.


When I was jumped by some meatheads outside, I knew I had found the right bar.


Some more goofs attacked me inside and I defeated them with ease (and QTEs). The bartender, seemingly afraid of me trashing his bar any further, offered me the info I needed.


Turns out I need to find a man named Charlie. He wears sunglasses, a leather jacket, and has a tattoo…

Next Entry: Winning cans and losing tats! Please look forward to the next “Hazuki Diaries!”

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