Falcom Classics

Saturn, 1997

Three years ago, I wrote a bit about Falcom games on Sega platforms. Today, I have something to add to that write-up, as I recently purchased a copy of Falcom Classics!

Here’s a look at the packaging:



The game select screen:IMG_2489[1]

Ys has options for “Saturn Mode” and “Original Mode”


As far as I could tell, the main differences between the two modes were different HUDs and text.

Saturn Mode

Saturn Mode

Original Mode

Original Mode

The text in the original mode was hiragana and katakana…

Original Mode

Original Mode

Yet Saturn mode was full of kanji!

Saturn Mode

Saturn Mode

I couldn’t make much progress in Xanadu or Dragon Slayer, but they had Saturn and Original modes as well.

The second disc in the package is the “Special Disc,” full of bonus materials.


First on the list is a Ys radio drama you can listen to. Next is an interview with the voice actors of the main characters in Ys.

They talk about their characters…


…and goof around a bit. It seems like they had fun recording together!


Next is a commercial/tour of the Falcom Shop!



After this is the image gallery. It’s essentially just a slideshow of (rad) Ys art that runs as music from the game plays.



As far as the “omake” option at the end? I don’t know, I wasn’t able to select it…

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