9 MORE Ways to Celebrate the Dreamcast!


Back in 2012, I made a list of 99 Ways to Celebrate the Dreamcast in honor of the 13th anniversary of its North American release. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, I made yet another list of Dreamcast-related fun so you can make the most out of this significant day!

1. Listen to the Sega Bits Dreamcast Birthday Bash podcast with former staff from The Official Dreamcast Magazine!

2. Buy the Dreamcast Collection on PC or 360!

3. Watch the Shenmue postmortem with Yu Suzuki from this year’s Game Developer Conference!

4. Read this review of Bust-a-Move 4 from a very concerned parent!

5. Buy something from Dreamcastgaga!

6. Read my series “The Phantasy Star Offline Project”- a chronicling of my recent solo playthrough of PSO V.2!

7. Listen to the Phantasy Star 25th Anniversary Concert!

8. Wish you had this rad Comic Market 86 exclusive Dreamcast shirt!

9. Buy a copy of the excellent Phantasy Star Online strategy guide by Nick Rox and Casey Loe!

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1 Response to 9 MORE Ways to Celebrate the Dreamcast!

  1. Nice list, it has succeeded in making me want to play more Dreamcast! And thanks for the podcast recommendation too, I’m excited to check it out.

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