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Variations on a Theme – OutRun: Splash Wave

Original arcade version (Composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi):

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Bayonetta 2! Wii U Exclusive!

My favorite game of this current generation is getting a sequel!

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Variations on a Theme – Space Harrier: WiWi Jumbo

The soundtrack to your psychedelic nightmares. The original arcade version (Composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi):

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Sega Tokyo Game Show guide magazine from 2008

It’s TGS week, yeah! In 2008 I attended my first (and only) TGS. It was wonderful! I grabbed a ton of swag while I was there, including this guide to the games Sega was showing. Here are some scans from … Continue reading

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Modern Sega Classics: Bayonetta

Sega may not be as large and prolific as they were during their hardware-making days, but they still develop and publish some of the most fun and creative games on modern systems. Here I (attempt to) give these games the … Continue reading

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