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Sega Arcade Games on the Wii Virtual Console

Inspired by both the Hardcore Gaming 101 Sega Arcade Classics book and my recent acquisition of quite a few Wii Points, I decided to give all of the Sega arcade games available on the Wii Virtual Console a try. As … Continue reading

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You Really Ought to Buy Hardcore Gaming 101’s SEGA ARCADE CLASSICS Book

If you are at all interested in strange/great/obscure/interesting games, you probably read Hardcore Gaming 101 on a fairly regular basis. Well, the folks behind that indispensable resource have released their second book (the first was a guide to classic adventure games), and … Continue reading

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The Legend of Sega: Zelda-inspired Games on the Master System

This year (February 21, 1986 to be exact) marks the 25th anniversary of my favorite video game of all time, The Legend of Zelda. This is the first game I ever finished and pretty much the reason that I’m the … Continue reading

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What do Golden Axe and Rambo: First Blood Have in Common?

Besides both being awesome? Screams! Thanks to Chris for bringing this to my attention! Also, it looks like Golden Axe borrows more than its aesthetic from the Conan films:

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Rad Sega shirts!

Some time back, Sega partnered with clothing designer Mars Sixteen to make a series of shirts based on their titles and they’re pretty great (though, as often the case with designer clothes, quite expensive)! Some shirts are still in stock … Continue reading

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Let’s Watch the Completely Insane Golden Axe Arcade Ending

…and wish that Golden Axe II was created with it being canon. The wackiness begins around the 7-minute mark. At this moment, I can’t really imagine a better video game than one that involves a barbarian, an Amazon, and a … Continue reading

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