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Funny Game Gear Ad in Judge Dredd Megazine

Dredd is kind of a dick, but he definitely has good taste in handhelds! From a 1991 issue of Judge Dredd Megazine. Found by SEGAotaku, who you should totally follow on Twitter.  

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Happy Dreamcast Day! 99 Ways to Celebrate

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s North American debut on 9/9/99 and it’s a great time to celebrate this incredible and innovative system! 99 ways to celebrate the Dreamcast today (in no particular order): 1. Wish the Dreamcast … Continue reading

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Sega Tokyo Game Show guide magazine from 2008

It’s TGS week, yeah! In 2008 I attended my first (and only) TGS. It was wonderful! I grabbed a ton of swag while I was there, including this guide to the games Sega was showing. Here are some scans from … Continue reading

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…and for one week, all was right with the world

(Scanned from the January 2001 issue of Gamers’ Republic)

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Cannon Spike cover feature/review in Oct. 2000 issue of Gamefan

With its great art, music, combination of shooter and melee action, and multiplayer, the Psikyo/Capcom title Cannon Spike is one of my favorite third party Dreamcast games. The game didn’t exactly set the world on fire sales-wise, but it definitely … Continue reading

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AWESOME! An old preview of Super GT

EDIT 7/30/11: Eric over at the excellent blog Musings of a Sega Racing Fan linked to this article and did an awesome write-up on it. Check it out here! I recently found this April 1997 issue of one of my … Continue reading

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Sega Visions (Summer 1991)

Enjoy the issue here It’s incorrectly labeled as issue 1 on the site, but that’s OK. I love the “Meet Sega’s Game Counselors” feature! My favorite counselor is Gregory Guerrero, whose #1 game is Tommy Lasorda Baseball, and his hobbies … Continue reading

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