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Phantasy Star Fan Pages from the 90s

I randomly stumbled upon this site, which has a surprisingly robust amount of Phantasy Star III content. The most exciting subsection to me however, was the “gallery of dead sites” that they had reposted. Here there is a collection of PS … Continue reading

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You Really Ought to Buy Hardcore Gaming 101’s SEGA ARCADE CLASSICS Book

If you are at all interested in strange/great/obscure/interesting games, you probably read Hardcore Gaming 101 on a fairly regular basis. Well, the folks behind that indispensable resource have released their second book (the first was a guide to classic adventure games), and … Continue reading

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A Complete Overview of the Many Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Models

Any Sega fan worth their weight in 16-bit knowledge knows that there were multiple models of the Genesis/Mega Drive hardware. But do you know about all the different variations of those models? There is an amazingly detailed write-up over at … Continue reading

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Happy Dreamcast Day! 99 Ways to Celebrate

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s North American debut on 9/9/99 and it’s a great time to celebrate this incredible and innovative system! 99 ways to celebrate the Dreamcast today (in no particular order): 1. Wish the Dreamcast … Continue reading

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The Website of the Dead’s Exclusive Interview With Takashi Oda

The best House of the Dead website on the internet, The Website of the Dead, recently conducted an interview with series director Takashi Oda. The most interesting part of the interview to me was this: “After 16 years of the first … Continue reading

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Kiss Me Sweet: The Sakura Wars Localization Project

Despite being one of Sega’s most successful franchises in Japan, the musical-troupe-managing/dating sim/SRPG series Sakura Taisen has had a minimal presence in the West. While there have been a few Sakura Wars (the localized title) anime and manga adaptations released, … Continue reading

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This coming Monday is September the 3rd and if you’re a frustrated Shenmue fan, you know what that means: Shenmue Tweetathon! The campaign was started in January of this year by “Team Yu.” It was inspired by an interview with … Continue reading

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This Phantasy Star Promotional Artwork May Be the Greatest Thing Ever

There may be words to fully express the joy I feel when gazing upon this wonderful piece of promo art for the original Phantasy Star, but I certainly don’t know them. Anyway, excellent Sega site, The Sega Source, has started an … Continue reading

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RadioSEGA: Playing Everything from Afterburner to Zillion

“Green Hill Zone” from Sonic the Hedgehog. “Pioneer 2” from Phantasy Star Online. “Magical Sound Shower” from Outrun. The main theme from Shenmue. “Go Straight” from Streets of Rage 2… I could go on. The point is, quite a bit … Continue reading

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Segagaga translation project update!

Magic the Gathering! Southern accents! Ralph Macchio! Blog post here. Props to the team for their continued hard work; so stoked that I’ll be able to play this in English one day! In the meantime, some videos of the (Japanese) … Continue reading

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Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD translation and fanbook

In 2007, Diana Montoya was gracious enough to translate the Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD. The story takes place three years before Phantasy Star IV and chronicles the adventure of Rudy (Chaz in the English PSIV) and (a) Nei. It’s … Continue reading

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Segac Orner: The Lost Shining Games

“Segac” is a name for Sega of America coined by North American Phantasy Star Universe players when they felt that they were not receiving the same treatment as their Japanese counterparts. While Sega has been pretty good throughout their history … Continue reading

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I uploaded the Dreamcast EP to Youtube

In 2009, some musicians from Athens, GA (and beyond?) created a wonderful free downloadable EP of original songs (and a remix) about Sega and the Dreamcast. There is some seriously great stuff on here and I was bummed to see … Continue reading

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Fun Shenmue activities!

The obsessed, determined, funny, and clever “Shenmue Fan” over at Shenmue Stare has created some great Shenmue-themed activities: A crossword puzzle:      

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