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Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (PS2 / Sega AM2 / 2003)

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Rad Sega Fanservice in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

I’ll be honest- I don’t know much about modern 2D fighting games, and I know even less about the publisher Dengeki Bunko and their work. Yet, I am having an absolute blast with Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax on the Vita. … Continue reading

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Sega Digital Review – Virtua Fighter 2

Released November 27, 2012 / $4.99 Version Reviewed: PSN Original Release: Arcade / November 1994 While the Virtua Fighter series is my favorite fighting game franchise of all time, I didn’t really “get” the series until my friend Chris and … Continue reading

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Virtua Fighter Animation Season 1 & 2 Openings (Japanese)

From the 35 episode VF anime that ran from 1995-1996. Not the best quality, but still pretty cool!

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Pai Chan is in Dead or Alive 5!

The once-kidnapped-and-forced-to-marry-Liu Pai Chan will be a playable character in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5. Pai has been my Virtua Fighter main since 4, so this news pretty much cements my decision to buy DOA5. This game is really kind … Continue reading

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Virtua Fighter Animation

Released: 1996 / Game Gear (JP, NA, EU), Master System (Brazil) Extreme down-ports don’t get much more fascinating than Virtua Fighter Animation.  A 2D fighter based on the anime based on the game that essential started the 3D fighting genre, … Continue reading

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Virtua Fighter 3 Sega Saturn (?!) Video

CG-only promotional video of the never-released Virtua Fighter 3 for the Sega Saturn: Uploaded by Real Blue, brought to my attention by The Saturn Junkyard.

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Club Sega (1997 CD)

“What’s that title? Ya ain’t know “CLUB SEGA”. Cool!” The text on the disc is almost as bizarre as some of the tracks on this album. Produced by the legendary Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Sega Rally, Rez, Sega Touring Car, Space Channel … Continue reading

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