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Thoughts – 3D Thunder Blade

Prior to 3D Thunder Blade, my only experience with the game was the “Super” port for the Sega Genesis. I never even SAW an actual cabinet, despite my frequent trips to arcades. Super Thunder Blade was serviceable for a launch … Continue reading

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Last Bronx

Saturn, August 1997 (Japan) First off, if you’re curious about what Last Bronx is, or why it’s cool, check out this incredibly definitive article about the game over at Hardcore Gaming 101. OK done? Cool. I’m going to talk a … Continue reading

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The Hazuki Diaries Part Two – I’ll Find Lan Di, Just Hang-On

“The Hazuki Diaries” is a project in which I chronicle my replay of the original Shenmue on the Dreamcast. Check out part one here. I left my home in search of anyone who knew anything about the people involved with … Continue reading

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Nickel-A-Play Arcade in Aurora, CO

Nickel-A-Play is an arcade about ten minutes outside of Denver, Colorado. You pay a $3.50 entrance fee, then you can play any arcade game (except DDR) for free. It is totally awesome and offers a ton of rad games for … Continue reading

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Space Harrier II Complete Collection Soundtrack is Available on iTunes / Amazon!

Only $9.99!! iTunes – Space Harrier II – Space Harrier Complete Collection Amazon mp3 – Space Harrier Complete Collection This collection includes the super rare vocal cover of the Space Harrier theme, which honestly, is worth $9.99 alone! Source: Nubuwo BONUS: Video … Continue reading

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Sega Arcade Games on the Wii Virtual Console

Inspired by both the Hardcore Gaming 101 Sega Arcade Classics book and my recent acquisition of quite a few Wii Points, I decided to give all of the Sega arcade games available on the Wii Virtual Console a try. As … Continue reading

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The Website of the Dead’s Exclusive Interview With Takashi Oda

The best House of the Dead website on the internet, The Website of the Dead, recently conducted an interview with series director Takashi Oda. The most interesting part of the interview to me was this: “After 16 years of the first … Continue reading

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